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Białystok's economy
Since 1990 Polish economy has been undergoing major transformation changes, aimed at privatisation and specialisation. The situation also applies to Białystok, whose process of economic transformation is subject to the same tendencies and mechanisms as the economy of the whole country, however the structure of the changes being characteristic of the region. The economy of Białystok is dominated by small and medium size enterprises /SME's/, em-ploying up to 5 people. Globally, Białystok has an above countryaverage work efficiency. The historical traditions and geographical location of the city, the conditions of the natural environment, and the quality of the city infrastructure all determine the development and specific nature Białystok's economy.

Among the most important qualities of Białystok are:
- convenient transportation links,
- city's function as the pan-regional centre of administration, finances, industry and culture,
- substantial local labour and trade market (the agglomeration of Białystok has a population of about 350 thousand people),
- centres of science and higher education in the city,
- city's industrial and cultural traditions,
- geographical location: close to the eastern border, in the neighbourhood of three countries: Belarus, Lithuania and Russia,
- location in an environmentally unspoilt region, attractive to tourists.

There are about 80.000 people employed in the city, most of whom work in the following business sectors:
trade and services - about 21%
production - about 20% of the total number of the employed
transportation, warehousing and communication - about 12%
financial agencies, real estate and business services, hotels and restau-rants - about 12%
healthcare and social welfare - about 11%

Food and drink industry plays an important part in the production sector. Moreover, there has been a dynamic development of trade and services noted in recent years. The pace of development exceeds considerably the results of other Polish towns in that respect.
This convenient situation of Białystok should be associated with the vigorous trade and tourist contacts with the Eastern neighbours of Poland. Among the sectors which are still developing are: financial agencies, real estate and business services, hotels and restaurants, all employing about 11,4% of the total number of workers. They create an appropriate business environment, thus increasing the attractiveness of our city. There is also a dynamic development of the building industry sector, which employs about 8% of the total number of the employed.
Among the significant elements of Białystok's economy are also education, public administration, electrical energy, gas and water supply, which all together employ 14% of the total number of the employed.

The City Authorities play an important role in the process of the city's economic development. The pro-investment policy of the city, which stems from the consistent execution of "The Białystok Development Strategy", ensures the creation of proper economic city infrastructure. A broad offer of land areas for sale also helps local economic development by attracting numerous foreign and local investors, who establish their offices and invest their capital in the city, for example: Binding Brauerei, Philips, McDonald's, International UNP Holdings, Metro AG, Orkla Media Newspapers, Makro Cash and Carry, Statoil, British Petroleum-BP, Shell, Auchan.

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