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Enjoy the City
Białystok is the capital of the north-eastern region of Poland called "The Green Lungs of Poland". The city's location in the unspoilt and attractive region, as well as its rich infrastructure, makes it an appealing place to live, relax and develop tourism.

Białystok has several hundred relics of architecture, about 150 of which have been enlisted in the official register. The most important buildings are: Branickis Palace, Equerry's House from 1771, historical town palaces of factory-owners, the City Hall and sacral buildings, such as the cathedral complex of The Holy Virgin Mary, or the 19th century Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas The Wonderworker.

The city has become the base from which visitors set off to other parts of the wide area of The Green Lungs of Poland - to the forests of Białowieska Wilderness, to the swamps of the Biebrza River, to the charming old towns and villages and other sites of the Podlasie region.

Several dozen kilometres from Białystok one can find many wonderful plant complexes, unique in Europe. The most popular of them are:
- Białowieski Park Narodowy (Białowieski National Park) - it is the oldest Polish National Park, located in Białowieska Wilderness, which is the habitat of the European bison. It is, in most of its part, under strict protection. The Park has been recognised by UNESCO as a World Bio-sphere Reservation and included on the List of the World Heritage.
- Narwiański Park Narodowy (Narwianski National Park) - a refuge of the unique in Europe species of water-uliginose fowls.
- Biebrzański Park Narodowy (Biebrzanski National Park) - the biggest complex of peat bogs in Eastern Europe; it is also the biggest National Park in Poland.
- Wigierski Park Narodowy (Wigierski National Park) - a lake complex which has maintained its ecological zones; it is the youngest Park in Poland, set up in 1997.
- Park Krajobrazowy Puszczy Knyszyńskiej (Landscape Park of Puszcza Knyszynska) - a charming complex of forests, a remnant of the forests which used to spread on the border of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. PKPK is a place of many forest species, such as the famous mast pine of Supraśl ("supraska pine").

Białystok is also a city of sports. There are several sport pitches and a stadium, as well as an airport where the Białystok Balloon Club and The Aircraft Society of Białystok regularly organise aircraft competitions. There are also competitions of aircraft models organised. Fitness clubs and gyms are to be found in each town district. Three horse-riding clubs situated in the city provide horse-riding opportunities. In the summer, The Water Sports Centre welcomes everybody to take up swimming, canoeing, water bicycling and sailing. Several swimming pools create conditions for swimming the whole year round. Bicycle roads in the city allow for safe cycling. Tennis courts, which spring up in the city and which are available for everyone, are the reason why tennis is becoming an increasingly popular sport among the locals. Winter sports fans can take advantage of the ice rink open in the winter, or of the cross-country skiing areas in the Solnicki Forest, Pietrasze District and the nearby towns of Supraśl and Ogrodniczki.

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