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Białystok's industry
It is not without a reason that Białystok is an undisputed and still developing business and commerce hub of north-eastern Poland - the list of favourable conditions for such a business climate includes:

• the already existing industry and industrial traditions of the city,
• dynamic development of higher education and well-qualified staff,
• the proximity of eastern markets,
• good transport links,
• the city’s well developed technical infrastructure,
• competitive labour costs, compared with the rest of the country, not to mention Western Europe.

The beginning of Białystok’s rapid development was marked in mid 19th century by the construction and development of railway line running across the city and the first textile manufacturing plants that appeared here. Early years of the 20th century saw the emergence of the engineering industry, with the proliferation of electrical machinery industry, food processing and plastics processing industry after World War II.

At present, Białystok’s population amounts to 292.000 inhabitants, approximately 155.000 of whom are women, with 137.000 of men. Those in their economically productive age constitute as much as 60% of the above number. It is estimated that nearly 100.000 people are employed in small, medium and large enterprises, 60% of those working in the private sector included. About 32.000 businesses are registered in the REGON system.

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