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Gas supply
Białystok is supplied by the Gas Company (Zakład Gazowniczy), which has about 63.000 gas consumers and exploits about 438 km of gas distribution network (

Heat energy supply
Production and distribution of heat energy in the gmina of Białystok is performed by the Municipal Heat Energy Company Ltd (Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej Sp. z o.o. (

Drinking water supply
Białystok is supplied with drinking water from two sources: from the subterranean water intake in Jurowce and from the surface water intakes in Wasilków (

Municipal sewage

sewage is directed to the city treatment plant which has a flow capacity of 176 500 m3 per 24 hours.
Waste treatment
Municipal waste is disposed at the landfill in Hryniewicze, 15 km south-west of the city centre. The city has also an industrial waste land-fill owned by Elektrociepłownia (Heat Plant) II. In the meantime, the construc-tion of Zakład Utylizacji Odpadów Komunalnych (Municipal Waste Utilisation Plant) has been launched, with the annual treatment and recycling capacity of about 100 000 tons.

Transportation services
In the gmina of Białystok there are 33 public transportation routes, with the bus lines servicing about 110 mln passengers a year. We have also organised minibus transportation for the disabled. In 1997, seven minibuses serviced 38 thousand people, which means that one minibus services 15 people daily. As of 31 December 2002, the municipal transportation services had at its disposal 295 buses, including 108 extended hinged buses and 187 single-car buses (

Białystok Municipality Internet Information Service

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