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Future Białystok
The directions of the city’s development by the year 2010 are defined in the "Białystok Development Strategy", approved by the City Council in 1996 and updated in 2001. The plan outlines measures aimed at achieving 5 strategic objectives:
- to increase the importance of the city as an inter-regional economic centre and a place of integrated business development,
- to strengthen the role of the metropolis as the European centre of co-operation and trade between the eastern and western parts of the continent,
- to reach the status of the 21ST century educational and scientific centre that would produce brains trust to support future economic and social initiatives,
- to enhance Białystok’s significance as the cultural hub and tourist service centre of the region, and, consequently,
- to raise the living standards of the city’s inhabitants.

The strategy is implemented by local authorities in co-operation with the social and economic milieus.

Poland’s entry into the European Union is becoming one of the key issues. New opportunities of obtaining external funds have opened up to finance various undertakings, particularly the development of transport infrastructure of the city.

Importantly, there are yet another two initiatives that are pivotal for Bałystok’s development, namely, the Podlasian Opera House and communications airport to be constructed.

The Podlasian Opera House, meant to be a European Centre for Music and Arts has been designed by the international tender winner, Prof. Marek Budzyński, recognized for his concept of the Warsaw University Library building. The project involves a rich programme that encourages a dialogue of diverse functions expressing and developing the city. The Opera House is to be a key element of Podlasie’s culture promotion in the central – eastern part of Europe.

The airport to be built within the city limits will improve considerably the communications availability of both the city and the region. Consequently, it will also improve the quality of increasing tourism and leisure management. With its about 1400-metre-long runway, the airport will service passenger and cargo aircrafts alike.

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