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Every year the Białystok Philharmonic hosts many outstanding Polish and foreign artists. The popular Friday night matinees usually gather crowds of music lovers.

Events worth noting are the Cathedral Organ Concerts taking place on Friday nights in July and August in the Białystok Cathedral, as well as the classical music concerts performed by the professors and students of the Białystok branch of the Warsaw Music Academy at ul. Kawaleryjska. Summer is a time of concerts organised by the fountain of the Planty park, a popular site for Sunday walks.

Białystok is also known for its numerous choirs. The most renowned is the Cantica Cantamus. Other well known choirs are the student choruses of the Medical Academy, the Białystok Technical University (with a majority of male voices) and the Białystok University, as well as the choir of the alumni of the local seminary. Especially interesting, however, are the Orthodox church choirs, particularly for those who rarely have any contact with the Orthodox culture. Hajnówka, a town located in the heart of the Białowieska Forest, is a place of an annual International Orthodox Music Festival, hosting the best Orthodox choirs in the world. When visiting Białystok at this time, one should definitely make the effort to see this prestigious presentation, as it has been classified as a class "0" cultural event and is the most renown music event taking place in Poland, alongside Chopin's Piano Competition and the Warsaw Autumn.

The Białystok Culture Centre at ul. Legionowa 5 organises annual blues festivals, the so called "Autumn with the Blues". The tradition of the blues in Białystok has been very deeply rooted by the well-known band, "Kasa Chorych", which still exists but without its legendary leader - Skiba. It is in his memory that the "All Saints Day with the Blues" concert is organised.

The lovers of different types of music can meet in the many music pubs and clubs. "Kopyść" festival of sailor music, one of the most respected festivals of this kind in Poland, is held once a year in Forum cinema in Białystok, Legionowa Street.

Local bands, presenting very different types of music, usually give miniconcerts on Friday and Saturday nights in most of the town's pubs and clubs. Everyone can find something interesting - from the blues and country and western to hip-hop, funk and acid-jazz.

The larger pop and rock concerts of artists at the top of the charts are organised by concert agencies. The most popular venues for these concerts are the sports hall of Włókniarz (ul. Antoniukowska 60), the Gwint Students Club (ul. Zwierzyniecka 10), the Fama (ul. Legionowa 5), and in the summer - the Amphitheatre at ul. Kalinowskiego, the Zwierzyniecki Park, the courtyard of the Branicki Palace, as well as the campus of the Białystok Technical University by ul. Zwierzyniecka.

The biggest dance event is the "Golden Shoes" Ballroom Dancing Tournament.


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