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Local Cuisine

It is not difficult to find a place to eat in Białystok. One can choose from an array of restaurants, from posh places, through smaller restaurants and bistros to all sorts of fast food bars offering not only Polish cuisine but also Italian, Vietnamese, American or Chinese. The smaller bistros also deliver, usually free of charge. Other places make use of the radio taxi and the charge is rather low. The delivery usually takes some time, even as long as an hour.

Big restaurants are popular. Their menus are dominated by Polish cuisine. When ordering a la carte, one may have to spend more than 100 zlotys, especially when choosing seafood. The special cheaper menus offer business lunches or the Sunday family dinners. Such meals do not usually exceed thirty zlotys. All restaurants accept credit cards.

Practically all restaurants offer vegetarian dishes.
Restaurants offering national cuisines are usually located in the town centre. The menus range from pizzas and pasta, dishes from the Far East, or specialities of Belarussian or Turkish cuisine. In some of the restaurants the cooks are the Vietnamese or Arab graduates of the Białystok polytechnic. Just as popular is American fast food, served both downtown and in the suburbs. There are two McDonald's restaurants: by the PKS bus station and by the exit route to Warsaw, near the Makro hypermarket.

Bars and diners offer the cheapest food. One can find relatively cheap and tasty food in the self-service bars.


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