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There are a few bicycle routes in the city. One of them runs along the Biała river and Branickiego street. Having crossed the intersections with two minor roads, we can continue along the park next to 11 listopada street to the Zwierzyniecki Forest. The second route leads along Raginisa street in the direction of the town of Supraśl and Knyszyńska Wilderness.

There are a few sports stadiums in the town and the parks and forests are an ideal place for joggers.

In each of the bigger hotels, and in many other places around town there are fitness clubs and gyms. They are almost all equipped with the newest professional equipment and saunas. One can also order a massage from a certified massage specialist.

Tennis is becoming a very popular sport among the inhabitants of the city, so there is a whole number of tennis courts available.

In the summer time the Water Sports Centre on Plażowa street - where a vast reservoir of the Dojlidy Ponds is located - offers water equipment, such as kayaks, water bikes and sailboats. There are a few indoor swimming pools with the particularly attractive Tropicana at the Gołębiewski Hotel.
There are three horseback riding clubs in the town, as well as a number of other ones in the towns near Białystok: Supraśl, Wasilków, Ignatki and Stacja Lewickie.

Winter sports lovers are welcome to take advantage of the artificial ice-skating rink located on Zwierzyniecka street, as well as the cross country skiing areas in Las Sokolnicki, Pietrasze and Ogrodniczki. In the last two places there are also facilities for downhill skiing, however limited.

The Krywlany airport located in the town is mostly used by air sports enthusiasts, paragliding lovers and hot air balloonists.

The large number of sports facilities both in the town centre and in its outskirts, make it possible to engage in sports in all the four seasons of the year.

Sport Clubs and Objects
The sports infrastructure in Białystok is continuously being modernised and developed. One of the sports attractions of the town is the ice-skating rink which turns into a roller-skating rink in the summer. Białystok is very well known for its team of short-trackers and short-track competitions are often organised in the winter months.

Those seeking more excitement outdoors can visit the football stadiums of SSA "Jagiellonia" (ul. Jurowiecka), "Włókniarz" (ul. Antoniukowska) or "Hetman" (ul. Stołeczna). Presently, the best Białystok football team is "Jagiellonia".

Track and field lovers can visit the City Sports and Recreation Centre (MOSiR - ul. 11 listopada), where numerous track and field competitions are organised in the summer season.

The Samsung Race is a popular sports event, organised annually at the start of autumn.

The "Włókniarz" sports hall (ul. Antoniukowska) is the place to go if one likes boxing, as it is the venue of boxing tournaments with the participation of one of the best boxers in the country representing the local club BKS "Hetman". Basketball lovers can also visit the place to see women's (KS "Włókniarz) or men's ("Żubry Białystok") basketball games. The Sports hall of the Medical Academy (ul. 11 Listopada) often hosts the volleyball team of AZS ZETO Białystok.

The Białystok Hot Air Balloon Club is a very active association, both domestically and internationally, organising, in co-operation with Aeroklub Podlaski, the annual paragliding Podlasie Championship.

Sport events