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Medical services
Effective May 1 2004, citizens of EU and EEA member states and members of their families will be able to sign up for medical care coverage with the National Health Fund (NFZ).

Persons coming to Poland on tourist visits will be able to obtain emergency medical assistance in the framework of health care coverage they have in the countries of permanent residence. It will be necessary to present form E-111 certified before arrival in Poland by a competent domestic authority. Form E-112 - along with the consent of the insurer - entitles the bearer to come to Poland for other than emergency medical treatment.

Students from EU countries are entitled to all medical services on the basis of form E-128.

Persons entitled to retirement and disability pensions have the right to all health benefits needed during their stay in Poland . The status of pensioner has to be certified by form E-121.

A EU citizen engaged in legal work in Poland, or conducting business activity here, will be able to obtain - along with the members of his/her family - NFZ coverage, even if he/she and the members of his/her family do not reside in Poland (coverage in accordance with the principle of the place of work). The following procedures should be followed:
- application for coverage of members of one's immediate family residing in Poland should be made on form E-106,
- persons living and working in Poland , going to another EU state (e.g. for a tourist visit) are entitled to medical assistance upon producing form E-111 certified by the NFZ,
- if one's immediate family lives in another EU country, its members are entitled to benefits in that country on the basis of form E-109, certified by the NFZ and registered with a competent authority of that country,
- persons living abroad, but working and paying their contributions in Poland (e.g. border-area workers) and members of their immediate families, are entitled to health care in both countries; in such instance, in order to obtain free medical care in another Union country, it will be necessary to obtain in Poland certification on form E-106 and to register it with the competent authority in the country of residence. The children of such workers have medical coverage and receive health care in the country of their residence. In Poland , they will be entitled only to emergency assistance (similarly to tourists).
EU citizens delegated to work in Poland should possess form E-101, certifying their coverage and exempting them from payment of contributions in Poland.

Persons employed in Poland on the basis of task contracts are entitled to health benefits on the basis of form E-128.

Persons registered in employment offices in EU member states as unemployed, entitled to medical coverage and seeking work in Poland, have the right to medical assistance in Poland on the basis of form E-119 - on condition that at least four weeks have passed since registration at an employment office. The right to medical assistance in connection with seeking work outside the country of permanent residence lasts for only 3 months.

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