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To Specialist - english version Dla Specjalistów - wersja polska

article authors: Kazimierz Popławski, Joanna Felicja Bilska; translator: Paulina Borowska

Welcome to the site of, the first service comprehensively describing the region of north-eastern Poland in English.

After the Polish accession to the European Union, the boarders were opened and an increase in tourist activity followed. We dedicate the sites of our service mostly to the travellers interested in exploring the still unknown but unique Białystok`s and Podlasie region`s routes.

At the end of his life, Jean Monnet, one of the fathers of the European Union confessed that if he had been to start the forming of the United Europe once again, he would have started from culture. We decided to follow this path and rediscover the values and the beauty of "small motherlands". Our aim is to create the image of a modern region, bravely stepping into the future, while sharing and taking care of our cultural and natural heritage at the same time.

On our site we present the history of our region along with the most interesting tourist attractions. We provide access to the database of the current events, culture institutions and the tourist infrastructure of Białystok and Podlaskie Voivodship. The remote corners of the Polish frontier region called "kresy" are additionally presented in our photo gallery.

We would like our readers to co-decide about the directions of development and the shape of our service That`s why we heartily invite everyone to co-operation. The most interesting ideas will surely be implemented.

Wishing you the most pleasant read,

The new tourist service
article authors: Kazimierz Popławski; translator: Paulina Borowska

On 12th July the Internet service in English about Bialystok and Podlaskie Voivodship was launched.

On you can find cultural information, the presentation of the most essential tourist attractions of the city and the region, along with the galleries, practical information and tourist infrastructure database. A photo bank constitutes a separate section of the service - the photos are submitted to the press and tourist organisations free of charge.

The aim of is to promote tourism and cultural and natural heritage, as well as to spread information concerning Bialystok and Podlaskie Voivodship.

The way to achieve the above aims is to be the cooperation with the centres of tourist information, tourist organisations, departments for promoting cities and communes, as well as cultural institutions and the users of the service.

The service is created under the auspices of the City Mayor of Bialystok.

You are welcome to visit:

Service author
Kazimierz Popławski

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